Hi My name is Grace. Owner of Teepeeku.

I started the business while I tried to figure out the birthday gift for my son. He really likes to play hide and seek, so I’m thinking of giving a toy that can be played with us, his parents. Based on this idea, a big dream and a pinch of courage. That’s how TEEPEEKU was born.

I create products that inspire children and their parents to be creative, imaginative and playful. I keep everything handmade and local made. Every detail in our products is carefully thought out. Cut with patience, sew with love, and pack with care.

I continue to make improvements and innovation to create products that stimulate children’s senses and imagination throughout every stage of their development.

For me, customers are not just buyers, but they are also our reliable teepee designers. I allow customers to design their own teepee using a selection of available fabric materials I have. Sometimes, their design results make other customers interested and buy it. So, I’m very proud of my customers.

You can also see various teepee uses on all kinds of events on this website gallery.

Welcome to follow our journey!